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Fishnet Manufacturer in India

JFN Fishnet Manufacturer in India exports our wide range of products such as Nylon multi-filament net, Multi-Thread, Monofilament to all over the world. We manufacture the fishing lines in nylon (although there are still nets made of wool or silk). Our Nylon Multi-filament is the most selling product and we provide the net at an affordable rate. Fishing nets before made from natural materials like grass, flax, tree fibers, and cotton while today most of the product is made from nylon.

We are JFN Fishing net Manufacturer in India reckoned as one of the most reliable Nylon Multi-filament Fishnet Manufacturer and Suppliers. The strings used in the making of sea fishing nets are the best in the market on the grounds of quality, durability, and performance. The size of the string varies from 8 mm to 2000 mm so as to meet the requisites of the customers.

Fishing nets were made from, most of fishing nets are made of nylon The availability of transport facilities like airways and waterways nearby makes the export easier and delivery by time.


Fishnet Features with JFN Fishnet Manufacturer in India:

✓ The knot is available in Multiple Colours.

✓ Our Fishnet is engineered with high resistance

✓ The Length and depth of the fishnet available in different shapes and length as per client requirement.

✓ Our Fishing net has a very good life.

✓ JFN Fishnet Manufacturers in India is specialized in premier ranked nylon multi-filament net has been used to produce the fishing tackle and lines.

✓ Types of Nylon lines available with us are Nylon Fishing Lines, Nylon mono yarn, Nylon multi-filament lines

✓ Types of Nylon nets available to us are Nylon multi-filament nets, Nylon Monofilament nets